Simple Charger

A simple charger to slowly recharge a single battery. Uses moving water to work. Multiplayer compatible.


banner for the Simple Charger mod


This mod introduces a single new block for early-game power generation that you can build as soon as you've researched all its components. It can charge a single battery at a time and doesn't take any fuel, but the charger is powered by moving water, so it will only work when you're not anchored.

  • The Simple Charger is the size of a paint mill, and must be placed touching the water. It costs 4 planks, 4 rope, 4 scrap, and 2 circuit boards. It can recharge a normal empty battery in exactly 5 minutes, which is slightly faster than the block with the highest power use (the receiver) takes to drain a battery. For comparison, a regular battery charger will do the same task in 3 minutes and a windmill will take anywhere from just over 2 minutes to 7 minutes depending on how high the block is placed.


This mod is multiplayer compatible, so long as every player has the mod installed.


Many thanks to Destruction who did the vast majority of coding on Dredgers (my other mod), which I reused a lot of block placement code from.


If you find a bug or the mod needs updating for some reason, feel free to contact me through the Raft Modding Discord, or ping me directly (PlateGlassArmour#8193).

Description last changed on 2024-03-06