Simple Mod Profiling

A handy little lag debugging tool


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Adds 3 commands

  • ProfileMods - Syntax: ProfileMods {seconds} | Will run a profiling operation for the specified amount of time. This will return a list of values telling you what methods in what mods spent how much time running over the course of the operation
  • CancelProfile - Cancels the currently running profiling operation (if one is running)
  • ReinitializeProfiling - Reapplies the mod's profiling systems. Should be used once before profiling if mods were loaded after this mod

This mod's return data may be hard to understand for general users but if you're having lag issues you should be able to copy the results to a text file and ask about them in one of the support channels on the Raft Modding discord server

Loading The Mod

Mod can be loaded and unloaded any time but should be loaded last/only when you are going to use it


This mod is not affected by multiplayer

Description last changed on 2024-03-07