Stat Modifier

Allows you to change how fast your hunger and thirst decrease


banner for the Stat Modifier mod

Simply allows you to change how fast your hunger and thirst decrease.


Rate of change is set using the following commands

  • statmodifier [number]
  • statmodifier:food [number]
  • statmodifier:water [number]

Number inputs are a multiplier so using 0.5 will half the loss per second.


  • modifiers are stored in the saves
  • works correctly with loading backup saves
  • modifiers are individualized between saves
  • running statmodifier command without parameters will return current modifier
  • if you have the Extra Settings API you can adjust the modifiers in the game settings


This mod is fully multiplayer compatible and does not require all players to have the mod installed, however only players with the mod installed will be affected and have full control of the mod's settings (setting your modifier's will not affect any other players, even others with the mod installed)

Description last changed on 2024-03-07