TeK's Admin Tool

TeK's Admin Tool adds a nice menu to manage your players easily and protect your raft from basic griefing!


banner for the TeK's Admin Tool mod

🖋 Description 🖋

TeK's Admin Tool is a simple and easy admin tool/menu that adds the following features :

  • Kicking.
  • Banning.
  • Teleporting to players.
  • Bringing players to you.
  • A really simple rank system.
  • A simple permission management system.
  • A log system that logs blocks placement, breaking/removing and block painting! (More to come soon!) It also includes World Database Saving! This means that your ranks/permissions and which players have which rank is saved per world. World databases are stored in Raft/mods/ModData/TeK'sAdminTool/WorldSaves/worldname/database.json) If you want to copy a database from one world to another just overwrite the file.

Only the host of the server needs the mod! This mod won't work if you aren't the host!

📜 How to use? 📜

To open the main menu, multiple solutions exists!

  • Press F10 and type the command tatmenu (TAT stands for TeK's Admin Tool)
  • Press F10 and bind the command tatmenu to a key. (Example: bind F7 tatmenu to bind it to the F7 key)
  • Open the ingame chat and type !adminmenu

📸 Screenshots 📸

Screen 1 Screen 2 Screen 3

How to install?

Simply download the mod file and place it in your mods folder.

Description last changed on 2020-03-04