The Tweaker Mod

The Tweaker Mod adds in a few quality of life things. This mod was created for my friends: Mumsy, Adra, and Jay.



‼️ Known Issues: ‼️

  1. Sprinklers used to water crops can sometimes start using battery power again.
  2. Major FPS drops due to the processing of the custom recipes.
  3. Mod does not fully unload when deactivating it.
**The Tweaker Mod adds in a few recipes including for:**
1. Dev Spear (OP Weapon)
2. Explosive Goo
3. Watermelon Seeds
4. Pineapple Seeds
5. Flower Seeds
6. Strawberry Seeds
7. Banana Seeds
8. Mango Seeds
9. Palm Seeds

**It also changes a few vanilla recipes including for:**
1. Honey Jar
2. Metal Detector

**Other changes include:**
1. Sprinklers and Electric Purifiers no longer use up battery power, but they still require a battery!
2. Consuming a Honey Jar will give you the glass back, and consuming a cooking pot meal will give you the bowl back!
3. Barrels and Crates now can give a small amount of some new loot including: Hinges, Bolts, Nails, Tangaroa Tokens, Wildberries, Ores, Glass and Biofuel!

Planned Features:

  1. Some way to obtain the Dev Hat, possibly as a rare drop from barrels/crates/etc. Not going to add in a way to obtain the Beach Ball.
  2. New item drops from barrels/etc will be made rarer, feel especially things like the ores and tokens are too common right now.
  3. Maybe a way to craft tokens or wild berries? Possibly not, but maybe if it's even possible.

Extra Notes: That is about all the mod contains! More may be added later, but I would not count on there being many updates in the future, if any.

Description last changed on 2022-01-10