The Tweaker Mod

The Tweaker Mod adds in a few quality of life things. This mod was created for my friends: Mumsy, Adra, and Jay.


Version 1.0.1LatestUntested

Thank you Aidanamite for figuring out the fix to the duplication issue and for the recipe improvement suggestion. *Fixed the issue with the mod attempting to duplicate the 'global:System.Runtime.Versioning.TargetFrameworkAttribute'.

*Improved the code for creating the custom recipes.

If anyone has any issues or suggestions for the mod, they can DM me on Discord at: Flayme#7087

If anyone has issues with the Sprinkler or Electric Purifier still using up battery power, try destroying them then placing them back.

Released on 2022-01-01

Version v1.0.0Untested

This is the first version.

Released on 2021-12-30