Translation Template

Use this mod to add own language to the game



Allows you to add new languages to the game. You can stack couple mods with code of this one they will add multiple languages.


To load translation you have to:
  1. Download this mod
  2. Take its file (TranslationTemplate.rmod) and replace .rmod with .zip so u can open it with windows zip explorer
  3. Create your mod via RML
  4. Go back to zip or unpacked folder, open TranslationTemplate.cs and copy code to your mod
  5. Change name of class from TranslationTemplate to your mod name
  6. Place Loc.csv in folder of your mod where modinfo.json located

To get Loc.csv you can download Renamer and use console command ExportLocalizationToCSV. Downloaded file will be located in ...Steam\steamapps\common\Raft\mods\ModData\Renamer\NameOfTheFile.csv. After you get file you must rename it to Loc.csv and delete all columns except Key Type Desc English. You can tho delete English, but it would be hard to translate without it. Create column for your language and write in first row Whatever you want [languageKey] Whatever you want - will appears as language name in game menu languageKey - you must get it in for your language It should look like this: Беларуская [be] For editing columns easily you can use VSCode with extension Edit csv or web version of Edit csv here. I only used VSCode version. And after you done with Loc.csv file you can put it into mod folder. Put mod author (yourself) and description in modinfo.json and compile mod using build.bat.

Everything should look something like this:





Be sure to save everything before compiling! I hope my explanation isn't too bad. Contact with me in Discord - damglador if you need help. Or ask someone on Raft Modding Discord server.

There is also a possibility to add normal fonts to the translation, but you need to have someone create them. You can do something with fonts that's already in game using lines in translation file:

  • Fonts/CalibriTMP
  • Fonts/Calibrib
  • Fonts/ChineseRocks
  • Fonts/monorama-medium
  • Fonts/ttmarksrough_bold

Description last changed on 2023-06-27