Tree Drops Modifier

Allows you to assign multipliers to the resources dropped by chopping trees


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Adds command: treemulti Syntax: 'treemulti global {item} [multiplier]' OR 'treemulti world {item} [multiplier]'

using "global" reads/sets the value to the global settings using "world" reads/sets the value to the specific save's settings

{item} can either an item id name (i.e. "plank", "seed_palm") or "all"

if [multiplier] is not included then the current value will be returned, otherwise the multiplier will be set to [multiplier]

Some examples:

  • treemulti world all 1.5 - this would increase all tree drops in the current save to 1.5 times the normal amount
  • treemulti global plank 30 - this would increase all planks dropped from trees to 30 times the normal amount
  • treemulti world coconut 0.5 - this would reduce all coconuts dropped from trees to 0.5 times (half) the normal amount

when drops are collected all valid multipliers will be applied:

  • global all
  • global for specific item
  • world all
  • world for specific item

Extra Note: While the amount of an item you get is modified, the "item picked up" pop ups will show the original amount. This might be fixed later.

Idea Credit: User @Mantis Toboggan#2660

Description last changed on 2021-02-13