Tree Drops Modifier

Allows you to assign multipliers to the resources dropped by chopping trees


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Adds command: treemulti Syntax: 'treemulti global {item} [multiplier]' OR 'treemulti world {item} [multiplier]'

using "global" reads/sets the value to the global settings using "world" reads/sets the value to the specific save's settings

{item} can either an item id name (i.e. "plank", "seed_palm") or "all"

if [multiplier] is not included then the current value will be returned, otherwise the multiplier will be set to [multiplier]

Some examples:

  • treemulti world all 1.5 - this would increase all tree drops in the current save to 1.5 times the normal amount
  • treemulti global plank 30 - this would increase all planks dropped from trees to 30 times the normal amount
  • treemulti world coconut 0.5 - this would reduce all coconuts dropped from trees to 0.5 times (half) the normal amount

Extra Details

  • when drops are collected all valid multipliers will be applied:
    • global all
    • global for specific item
    • world all
    • world for specific item
  • While the amount of an item you get is modified, the "item picked up" pop ups will show the original amount. This might be fixed later.


This mod is unaffected by multiplayer

Loading the mod

This mod should be loadable and unloadable at any time


Idea Credit: User @Mantis Toboggan#2660

Description last changed on 2024-03-07