Voice Chat

Allows you to use in-game voice chat


banner for the Voice Chat mod


This mod is no longer functional as of the Renovation Update for Raft because of a setting that was changed in the game's compile settings that prevents anything in the game from accessing the computer's microphone. Due to this, this mod may not ever be functional again

Adds a proximity voice chat to the game.

By default it is set to open mic (not push-to-talk) but can be changed using the Extra Settings API.

Extra Info

  • Audio networking is fairly simple and may sound a bit flaky on a slow connection
  • You can only hear players about 20 meters away
  • May not work with "multi channel" microphones

Potential Updates

  • "Megaphone"/Global speak button for when you're far away
  • Environment based effects to the audio (echos in caves, etc)
  • Might attempt to improve sound quality
  • Selecting audio input device (atm it defaults to the "first" one. I don't know how that's defined)

Description last changed on 2024-03-07