Voyage Overhaul

A new design for the propulsion systems


banner for the Voyage Overhaul mod

This mod is full recode of Raft's movement mechanics.

  • Every sail and engine affects your velocity
  • Rotation speed from steering wheels is affected by your current speed
  • Max speed has been replaced with drag mechanics: every engine and sail pull the raft in their respective direction at a certain speed as well as every foundation and walkable block pulling the raft according to the water flow/wind.
  • As an added bonus trash spawn rate is now based on distance traveled instead of time passed so even traveling at high speeds should have the same trash density
  • If you have the Extra Settings API then you can also set multipliers for the motor, sail and water's torques and speeds. The more torque something has the more effect it's speed has on the raft.
  • The settings also has an option for motors' speed to add together. By default this is off and the motors will only have additive torque. With this on, having multiple engines will allow you to reach speeds higher than any individual engine is set to go to.


This mod is fully multiplayer compatible and only requires the host to have it installed. While it's not required for other players to have the mod installed, changes to things like the motor rotation speeds will not be visible for players without the mod

Loading the mod

This mod can be loaded and unloaded at any time

Description last changed on 2024-03-07