Water Wheels

Adds a block that automatically collects water and fills it into nearby purifiers.


banner for the Water Wheels mod

This is the first mod release that adds a fully-functional block to the game!

This mods adds a Water Wheel into the game. The water wheel (or water mill) works like a pump and automatically transports water from the ocean right into your purifier so you don't have to do that! This mod is still in development, so please make a backup of your world and feel free to contribute.


This item can be crafted in the normal crafting menu. The water wheel is available in the Food and Water section. The water wheel is relatively expensive because it is intended as a late-game item that is only used to save you some work. The recipe might be changed in the future.

crafting recipe


The water wheel is a foundation block and can as such only be placed directly above the water. Note that the wheel has a spigot attached. Place a purifier (both the basic and the advanced purifiers work) beneath the spigot to direct the water to it as shown below. The water wheel will automatically add one unit of water to the purifier every 20 seconds.

usage screenshot


If you have any issues with or ideas for this mod, please message me (@traxam#7012) in the modding section of the official Raft Discord-server.

Download and installation

To download this mod, please click the download button in the top-right sidebar (or here). The mod comes in a ZIP-file that needs to be extracted to your mods folder. The WaterWheel.cs file must be directly in the mods folder and the waterwheel.assets file must be in the WaterWheel folder inside the ModData folder in you mods directory. Your mods should look like the following (you might have some other mods as well):

mods folder example


  • For Raft and Raft-Mod-Loader compatibility, please visit the versions page.
  • There are currently no known incompatibilities to other mods.
  • Please make sure to never load a world that once had waterwheel items and blocks in it without the mod. This will break the save file and it will be lost forever, so please make a backup before using this mod.
  • This mod should be multiplayer-compatible, but is currently untested. Every player needs to have the mod or it won't work.

Contributions and to-do-list

If you would like to contribute to this project in any way (models, textures, sounds, animations, code), feel free to visit the GitLab repository and open an issue or fork it. You can also contact me on Discord (see support section of this document).


  • Add a model that fits the block frame and a better texture.
  • Add sounds
  • Add support for sprinklers


Description last changed on 2021-12-04