Water Wheels

Adds a block that automatically collects water and fills it into nearby purifiers.


Version 0.0.6LatestUp to date
  • Mod Fixed, working again. (Unofficial fix)

Released on 2023-06-10

Version 0.0.5Untested
  • the WaterWheel is no longer paintable to allow for update 13 compatibility. Paintability is supposed to be implemented again at some point, progess is tracked in issue #1

Released on 2021-12-04

Version 0.0.4Outdated

Released on 2020-08-14

Version 0.0.3Outdated
  • Long awaited and finally here: This update should solve the bugs with disappearing items and the fill-animation in multiplayer

Released on 2019-10-01

Version 0.0.2Outdated
  • Added an animation for the wheel
  • You can now paint the wheel!


Released on 2019-09-25

Version 0.0.1Outdated

This is the first version.

Released on 2019-07-02