Where Is My Dishes

Get back your used dishes!


banner for the Where Is My Dishes mod

Now works correctly in MP. Not required for installation by all players. Only players with the mod will receive dishes back.


Have you ever been annoyed that plates, jars and drinking glass are destroyed after one use? Were you perplexed by the fact that the cooking pot consumes buckets with milk instead of just milk? It's time to fix all the weird things.

The mod allows you to get back the following items with customizable probabilities:

  • Clay bowl if any cooked food on the plate/bowl is eaten
  • A drinking glass after drinking a cocktail, juice or smoothie
  • Glass when eating honey, as well as when adding honey to the refiner
  • Wooden buckets after milk has been used in the recipe

Mod introduces alternative recipe for honey jar (drinking glass instead of glass, can be disabled). If you use alternative recipe, drinking glass will returned to you.


You can use Extra Settings API or console command (wimd / wimd help) to configure the mod. Configuration are global for all worlds.

Special thanks

To Kohanis for help with fixing the code to work in multiplayer and for testing.

To Aidanamite for their Extra Settings API.

Description last changed on 2022-07-03