Augmented Equipment

Equippable Items to Enhance the Player!


Version 1.4.6LatestUp to date
  • Fixed a compatibility issue with Comfortable Inventory that caused items to only be placed on the hotbar

Released on 2024-04-06

Version 1.4.5Up to date
  • Fixed a potential error in some of the inventory code

Released on 2024-04-04

Version 1.4.4Up to date
  • Finally got the item icon loading issues fully sorted

Released on 2022-07-14

Version 1.4.3Up to date
  • Attempted to fix the issue with the slot selector breaking

Released on 2022-07-05

Version 1.4.2Up to date
  • Fixed an issue with loading another world without restarting the game

Released on 2022-06-28

Version 1.4.1Up to date
  • Fixed the item icons reducing in quality with the graphics texture quality settings

Released on 2022-06-28

Version 1.4.0Up to date
  • Fixed some multiplayer issues
  • Fixed the oxygen tanks
  • Fixed the T2 Duffel bag crafting recipe

Released on 2022-06-25

Version 1.3.4Up to date

Updated For Final Chapter :

  • Fixed Semih_Network
  • Fixed some equipment functions due to updated vanilla ones
  • Added two helmets
  • Changed recipes for backpacks so that the new vanilla big backpack fits into the sequence
  • Moved stuff to correct crafting category (Equipment)
  • Each type of equipment has it's own slot (for example headlights, helmets and oxygen tanks can be equipped at the same time)
  • New icons by L0NEW0LF
  • Fixed by DeadByte42 (Much testing by Shappes)

Released on 2022-06-24

Version 1.3.3Untested
  • Fixed for Renovation Update (Unofficial Fix)

Released on 2021-06-22

Version 1.3.2Untested
  • Fixed the ability to Shift + Click into an inactive hotbar slot

Released on 2020-11-24

Version 1.3.1Untested
  • Fixed logic that introduced a corner-case for the Belt logic

Released on 2020-11-15

Version 1.3.0Untested
  • Researching base Backpack/Belt unlocks all higher-tier Backpacks/Belts
  • Higher-tier backpacks now offset the Inventory UI for better visibility
  • Belt Equipment Type Added
  • Belts Added: Thatch, Tattered, Leather, Utility, Caravan
  • Added in Fortified Gloves
  • Fixed icon for Oxygen Tank
  • All items moved to Weapons category to make use of its empty space
  • All Flipper based items are now its own unique equipment type called SwimFeet

Released on 2020-11-14

Version 1.2.3Untested
  • Adding in some future compatibility with items from AugmentedItems

Released on 2020-11-01

Version 1.2.2Untested
  • Added in compatibility with items from AugmentedItems

Released on 2020-10-31

Version 1.2.1Untested
  • Fixed Vanilla Flipper Properties
  • Fixed KeyNotFoundException Errors

Released on 2020-10-29

Version 1.2.0Untested
  • Oxygen Canister, Oxygen Tank Added
  • Sprint/Walk Toggle Added
  • Code Refactored

Released on 2020-10-26

Version 1.1.0Untested


  • Glove Equipment Type Added
  • Worn Gloves Added
  • Grip Gloves Added
  • Custom Backpacks Added

Released on 2020-10-24

Version 1.0.0Untested

This is the first version.

Released on 2020-10-22