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Equippable Items to Enhance the Player!


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Multiplayer Ready! All players must have the mods installed and enabled.


Unfortunately due to work and other real-life related things, I don't have much time to return back to my projects to see the projects through and give them any timely update or improvements. As a result, if any issues are found/mod falls behind and you're a mod developer, feel free to utilize the project to make changes and give them a re-upload to match the latest version.

If I find some time in between, I may add some spare documentation pieces to address some of the findings and nuances associated with the code (as there's some oddities here and there with trying to make things dynamic rather than through actual assets) so that it's easier to wade through and refactor.

As for credit, a small reference back or a fork of the original project is appreciated. But ultimately at the end, I would just appreciate that community is able to create something enjoyable with the project.


  • Bahamut

At the moment this mod is being maintained by Aidanamite and as it stands the repository link will not be updated until further notice


This mod adds in additional equippable items that work in similar fashion to existing ones. Each of the equipment augments the player's properties such as the ability to pull in the hook faster, gather items underwater faster, move faster, etc.

For the sake of balance, the items inherit similar properties to existing items such as the Leather armor pieces. This means they have their respective body part slots they get equipped to and will unequip if the respective body part slot is occupied. Additionally, all the items take durability damage based on their respective actions -- so you will still have to re-craft them as you go (worry not though -- the durability is better scaled to not be a complete chore). Additionally, the cost of many of these items will be high as it's intended to act as a resource sink.

Please note that the mods do end up making you rather "overpowered" in the sense of making things less of a chore. As a result, the augmented effects may change from version to version.



Backpack and Belt Augments

Important Notice, Please Read!

The current functionality of both backpack and belts have a small caveat to them due to the way these dynamic items are equipped in Raft. As a result, equipping lower-tier versions of these items while having items within those slots will cause those slots be hidden along with the item.

Your items will still be there if you re-equip the higher-tier items! Just make sure you do so and remove them if you plan on uninstalling the mod as this will cause those items in those slots to disappear.

That being said, the code for this will be refactored in the coming future in hopes to make it more friendly for the end-user.


The additional hotbar slots added do not have any keybinds associated with them. This may come in a later version.

Sprint/Walk Toggle

The mod also now comes with a Sprint/Walk Invert Toggle. Pressing PageDown will toggle between the two modes.

This means after pressing the key, your default behavior will Sprint and holding down sprint will make you Walk. Pressing the key again will revert you to the original behavior.


Unfortunately, this mod is (currently) incompatible with YourBalance (or any mod that sets properties based on default values) as the both mods utilize default games values when updating values. AugmentedEquipment is being updated to try and gracefully handle value modifiers by using existing context values but mods that strictly set property values based on default values will override the effects of AugmentedEquipment until re-equipped.

Special Thanks

To Noobrt for helping test out changes and more!

Contact and Issues

Please contact me on Discord - Bahamut#2632 or on the Raft Modding Discord Server!

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Description last changed on 2024-04-04