Augmented Items (Beta)

Augmented Items that expand on vanilla items and more.


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Multiplayer Ready! However, still in Beta to monitor for any bugs or potential problems from future new items.

Current Mod Version - 0.10.2b | Last Updated - 11/23/2020 | Latest Version Tested - Version 1.08


Unfortunately due to work and other real-life related things, I don't have much time to return back to my projects to see the projects through and give them any timely update or improvements. As a result, if any issues are found/mod falls behind and you're a mod developer, feel free to utilize the project to make changes and give them a re-upload to match the latest version.

If I find some time in between, I may add some spare documentation pieces to address some of the findings and nuances associated with the code (as there's some oddities here and there with trying to make things dynamic rather than through actual assets) so that it's easier to wade through and refactor.

As for credit, a small reference back or a fork of the original project is appreciated. But ultimately at the end, I would just appreciate that community is able to create something enjoyable with the project.


  • Bahamut

At the moment this mod is being maintained by Aidanamite and as it stands the repository link will not be updated until further notice

Beta Warning

The mod is currently in Beta! As a result, you should be mindful and always back-up your world before using it. It should function for both single and multiplayer but there may be some unknown bugs from the way these items are programmatically added rather than through prefabs.


This mod attempts to expand on existing items and tools that exist as part of Raft while keeping them as moderately close as possible to Vanilla. Unlike Augmented Equipment, this mod provides on items that don't rely on some sort of hidden modifier that improves on Player properties. Instead, the item already contains all the properties that you would expect from standard crafts and upgrades. However, if desired, this mod can be used side-by-side with Augmented Equipment to further the feeling of power-creep.

Initially, the mod will contain low quantity of items but over time, you can expect more to be added.



Special Thanks

To Noobrt for helping test out changes and more!

Contact and Issues

Please contact me on Discord - Bahamut#2632 or the Raft Modding Discord Server!

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