Augmented Items (Beta)

Augmented Items that expand on vanilla items and more.


Version 0.10.0bLatestUp to date
  • Added in Custom Axe Support
  • Added in Titanium Axe

Released on 2020-11-23

Version 0.9.0bUp to date
  • Code Refactored
  • Added in Custom Cooking Stand Support
  • Added in Arc Furnace

Released on 2020-11-09

Version 0.8.0bUp to date
  • Added in Custom Engine Support
  • Added in Titanium Engine

Released on 2020-11-08

Version 0.7.0bUp to date
  • Added in Titanium Storage
  • Updating mod to be permanent on load to avoid bugs from unloading

Released on 2020-11-06

Version 0.6.3bUp to date
  • Fixed Host/Client Error and Gamelocking on Rejoins

Released on 2020-11-05

Version 0.6.2bUp to date
  • Correcting Mod Version (Sorry)

Released on 2020-11-03

Version 0.6.1bUp to date
  • RMOD File Size Reduction

Released on 2020-11-03

Version 0.6.0bUp to date
  • Code Refactored
  • Custom Arrow Support Added
  • Titanium Arrow Added

Released on 2020-11-03

Version 0.5.0bUp to date
  • Code Refactored
  • Fixed Multiplayer Bug (Again, sorry.)
  • Custom Bow Support Added
  • Aluminum Bow Added

Released on 2020-10-31

Version 0.4.0bUp to date
  • Custom Shovel Support Added
  • Titanium Shovel Added

Released on 2020-10-31

Version 0.3.1bUp to date
  • Fixed bug when unloading and reloading the mod

Released on 2020-10-31

Version 0.3.0bUp to date
  • Fixed Multiplayer Issues*
    • However, still in beta to monitor any potential bugs from additional custom items to come

Released on 2020-10-30

Version 0.1.0bUp to date

This is the first version.

Released on 2020-10-28