Easily increase your FPS!


banner for the BetterFPS mod

How to use it?

To open the menu press F7

How does it works?

  • Disable Water Rendering - Simply disable the water rendering so the water will be transparent. (+20FPS on my PC)
  • Disable Raft Collisions - Disable the raft collisions, This will save a lot of performance but your raft will not collide anymore with islands. (+35FPS on my bigger raft.)
  • Disable Block Breaking Lag - When destroying a block it won't check if all the raft blocks are stable. (-5seconds of freezing on my PC)
  • Enable Poopy Quality - This will fully shittify the game. It will be worse than minecraft. (+95fps on my pc (From EXTREME to this))


image of the menu

image of the reduced graphics quality

Description last changed on 2019-04-15