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Easily increase your FPS!


Version 2.3LatestUntested

Fix for Update 12 thanks to Fynikoto

Released on 2020-11-02

Version 2.2Untested
  • Updated to .rmod

Released on 2020-08-06

Version 2.1Untested
  • Added support for update checking.
  • Removed a debug message.

Released on 2019-05-03

Version 2.0-staging
  • Removed option to disable spawners.

Released on 2019-04-25

Version 2.0
  • Full recode.
  • Removed Poop Quality Checkbox. (No one was using it i presume).
  • Added disable achievements.
  • Added disable spawners.
  • Added disable networking.
  • Added disable AI/Animals.
  • Added disable sky controller.

Released on 2019-03-14

Version 1.1

Empty changelog

Released on 2019-02-13