Cinema Mod

Adds screens into Raft! You can watch Youtube videos, Soon twitch streams. It has custom sounds, custom blocks, custom items and way more!


banner for the Cinema Mod mod

CinemaMod adds 6 placeable screens & 1 remote into Raft! (More to come in the future updates) It adds a laptop, an old TV and 4 smart tv screens from small to XXL!

Everything is craftable with some plastic, some circuit boards and some scrap! Its in the decoration tab as shown below.

Crafting Category

To play a custom video, Press E on the screen or use the Remote Control to control it from far away. It will then show you this screen :

Cinema Menu

To play a youtube video, enter the youtube link in the input field and press Request! (This rely on a third party library and may break one day) To play a local file you can simply enter the full path in the inputfield and press Request!

  • Youtube videos are synced.
  • Internet files are synced.
  • Local files aren't synced in multiplayer!

To control the video you have 3 buttons on the bottom, STOP, PLAY and PAUSE, they are synced in multiplayer. So if you pause the video it will pause for everyone!

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Description last changed on 2021-02-05