Island Items

Display remaining items on an island.


banner for the Island Items mod

Island Items adds a simple window in which you can see the amount of items of every ore/item you can loot at the nearest island.

new buttons

How to use

  1. Press J+K to toggle the the options window, but only if there is an island nearby.
  2. Tick the show items button and select the items you want to display.
  3. When you desperately need resources, you can tick the wallhack button.
  4. If you want to tell the other players on the server the item amounts, click the print to chat button.

You can use this mod with the extra settings api which will make it easier to control the scale and other settings…


  • itemRefresh <interval> sets the refresh interval to the given amount of seconds. Example:

    itemRefresh example

  • recreateitemicons clears the icons on the screen and redraws them. Should be a tempfix for stuck icons

  • resetIconScale Basically, resets the scale of the icons :)


This mod is originally by the great modders TeigRolle and Nundir !!! I only took over it to maintain it, fix bugs and perhaps extend/improve it. Also thx to @Solaris who fixed the mod and added some new items as I had very little time to work on it sadly…

Description last changed on 2022-10-16