Island Items

Display all items on an island


Version 1.7.8LatestUp to date
  • Fixed the mod erroring at Caravan Island
  • Created a github repository for the mod

Released on 2024-04-13

Version 1.7.7Up to date
  • Fixed palm trees and mango trees not showing up on small islands.
  • Fixed some of the print to chat names
  • Reordered the items. Foods are grouped, Trees are grouped, etc

Thx to Solaris :)

Released on 2022-10-16

Version 1.7.6Up to date
  • Added banana trees
  • Fixed honey comb
  • Removed cassettes that weren't actually findable

Thx to @Solaris :)

Released on 2022-10-09

Version 1.7.5Up to date

New version by @Solaris :)

A lot of new items are now available in Island Items! Check it out :)

Released on 2022-09-27

Version 1.7.4Up to date
  • Fixed the issue of icons shrinking randomly
  • Implementation of extra settings api to scale the icons
  • New command to reset the scale if you messed to much with it ;) resetIconScale

Thank you very much to @Solaris for the fix :)

Released on 2022-09-15

Version 1.7.3Up to date
  • Fixed the error spam when leaving islands or going to the main menu.
  • There also the new "recreateitemicons" command to clear stuck icons! You can bind it with the build-in rml bind command.

Released on 2022-08-05

Version 1.7.2Up to date
  • Fix by FranzFischer

Released on 2022-07-29

Version 1.7.1Up to date
  • Fix for Final Chapter By FranzFischer.

Released on 2022-07-18

Version 1.7.0Untested
  • Updated to .rmod

Released on 2020-08-06

Version 1.6.4Untested
  • removed code which broke floors

Released on 2020-06-09

Version 1.6.3Untested
  • fixed the error at the start of the mod
  • fixed the the repeating error which happened when you rejoined a game

Released on 2020-01-11

Version 1.6.2
  • fixed version number again

Released on 2019-12-27

Version 1.6.1Untested
  • fixed version number

Released on 2019-12-27

Version 1.6.0Untested
  • added sounds

Released on 2019-12-27

Version 1.5.1Untested
  • improved performance

Released on 2019-12-17

Version 1.5.0Untested
  • added dirt to the list
  • added crates to the list
  • added mushrooms to the list
  • fixed Invisible SeaWeed
  • exchanged the one colored dots with fitting icons
  • removed extra buttons in the selection window
  • removed the background image of the item-amount-display

Released on 2019-12-14

Version 1.4.2Untested
  • Added support for Update 10

Released on 2019-12-06

Version 1.4.1Untested
  • removed the asset bundle for easier installation
  • Islands update correctly now (i promise i tested it this time)

Released on 2019-10-02

Version 1.4Untested


Released on 2019-10-02

Version 1.3.2Untested
  • removed icon cap for huge islands
  • changed the island selection logic

Released on 2019-09-23

Version 1.3.1Untested
  • dots now disappear correctly

Released on 2019-09-22

Version 1.3Untested
  • fixed a bug which left icons on the screen
  • fixed the bug that wallhackicons don't disappear correctly
  • added silver algae
  • added iconRefresh Command with which you can set how often the wallhackicons should be refreshed

Released on 2019-06-17

Version 1.2Untested

This is the first version.

Released on 2019-04-29