Item Compressor

Adds a handy tool for storing a lot of one item


banner for the Item Compressor mod


This mod adds 1 new item: the Item Compressor. The item compressor is designed to make it easier to store large amounts of most of the items.


All these item's recipes must be learned in the Research Table and will appear in the "Other" tab of the crafting list. The recipes are as follows:

  • Item Compressor
    • 4 Glass
    • 2 Titanium Ingot
    • 6 Metal Ingot
    • 5 Black Paint
    • 1 Battery


To put items into a compressor, just click and drag the item onto a partially full or empty compressor in your inventory, or drag an empty compressor onto the item you want to store.

A compressor can only store 1 item type at a time but can hold the equivalent of 20 full stacks of the item in one compressor. Empty compressors can be stacked up to 10 but compressors with items inside cannot be stacked. If you use the Extra Settings API, the storage capacity of the item compressor can be configured (can't be set any lower than 2)

Compressors can only store items that can be stacked or don't have durability. So most items can be stored but tools like axes, shovels and water bottles can't be stored. But items like watermelon, planks and palm leaves can be stored. This mod should work with mods that add new items and might work with mods that move items around (I unfortunately can't promise that they will behave as expected).

Loading the mod

While it is recommended to load the mod on the main menu, this mod can be loaded or unloaded anytime other than while in a multiplayer game.

Note: unloading the mod while in a world will destroy all item compressors you have.


This mod should be fully multiplayer compatible and requires all players to have it installed

Description last changed on 2024-03-07