Item Compressor

Adds a handy tool for storing a lot of one item


Version 1.0.6LatestUp to date
  • Added some extra value checks to fix an conflict with Garbage Suckers

Released on 2023-12-14

Version 1.0.5Up to date

Released on 2023-01-12

Version 1.0.4Up to date
  • Fixed a bug causing the game to freeze under certain conditions

Released on 2023-01-11

Version 1.0.3Up to date
  • Fixed the settings not having any affect

Released on 2022-12-24

Version 1.0.2Up to date
  • Fixed an issue caused by some weirdness with the JIT. (you don't need to understand what this means. Just know that it'll reduce risk of odd behaviours with other mods)

Released on 2022-12-23

Version 1.0.1Up to date
  • Bugfix (missed a bit in the initial release)

Released on 2022-12-17

Version 1.0.0Up to date

This is the first version.

Released on 2022-12-17