Allows you to update your mods ingame


Version 2.2.6LatestUp to date
  • Fixed the mod for the latest mod loader version

Released on 2023-07-06

Version 2.2.5Up to date
  • Fixed an endless loop by implementing an attempts system when downloading mods
  • Updated the databases (many broken mods are now updated on the website)

Released on 2023-06-11

Version 2.2.4Up to date

I'm sorry guys, i got the time to make another new version today XD

  • Extra Settings API and Modutils will now get automatically downloaded if they aren't already. If they are, they will be run like permanent mods.

    Now you don't have to worry about dependencies anymore ;)


  • Delete mods in-game

  • As extra settings and modutils are now "standard mods", i will add a functionallity for mod authors to add additional dependencies in the modinfo.json

Released on 2022-07-18

Version 2.2.3Up to date
  • Added an option to enable/disable the console logging in extra settings. It is turned off by default… If you encounter any issues using the mod you need to turn it on, so we can help you on the discord.

Note: If you change the setting in the mods tab it will only be applied once the settings are closed!


  • I will add some "required" dependencies like extra settings and modutils. They will be installed automatically if not installed
  • Delete mods in-game

Released on 2022-07-18

Version 2.2.2Up to date
  • Fixed a bug from the previous version. Will do a better fix for the next version

Released on 2022-07-11

Version 2.2.1Up to date
  • Added one more check for misconfigured mods. Should fix a NullReferenceException thrown by mods having an empty update url. Will add it to the error log

Please mod authors, configure your mods properly… It takes less then 5 minutes to fill out the modinfo.json ;)

And theres even a tutorial on the website ;)

Released on 2022-07-11

Version 2.2Up to date

Small update as I couldn't work efficiently due to issues with the mod loader. They are mostly related to my windows installation so I'm not blaming anyone ;)

  • Just adds a disclaimer on first start

Expect upcoming bugfix updates for the modupdater and new updates for the modpacks mod including mod profiles for different worlds ;)

Released on 2022-07-10

Version 2.1Up to date
  • Completely reworked the code. Now the version is not checked everytime you run the process of Updating all mods. It is cached.
  • Unofficial fixes now have versions! For modders: adding [UPATCH1] after your version number will mean first version of unofficial fix (don't forget to add a space between the version and the Upatch stuff)
  • The Updater now checks for outdated mods and may download alternatives if they exist. For example more trash -> more trash redux
  • Fixed a bug where due to unconventional file names the mod was twice in the mods folder

This Update may download all unofficial fixes again. It is only to change it to the new versioning system. After updating these once it won't get updated again everytime you launch.

Big thx to thmsn (and another user who doesn't want any spam in his DM's so i don't name him XD) for providing ideas and code ;) And thx to all the others pointing out errors and bugs ;) You all made the 2.1 even possible XD

This version would have been better as 2.0, I know… ;)

This will be one of the final versions. There may be upcoming feature updates but the next updates will mostly be bugfixes…

And as usual if you encounter any issues/bugs ping me @FranzFischer#6710 !!!

Released on 2022-07-07

Version 2.0Up to date
  • Added new version check, so newer versions won't get marked as outdated.
  • (Fixed banner on the website)
  • GitHub repos for the ModUpdater

And as usual ping me in the support channels if you encounter any bugs/issues

This was a small update today XD Expect the following in the (atm) last feature updates:

  • Check for mod dependencies and download them if needed
  • Link outdated mods to their replacement versions

Big thx to thmsn (and another user who doesn't want any spam in his DM's so i don't name him XD) for providing ideas and code ;) And thx to all the others pointing out errors and bugs ;) You all made the 2.0 even possible XD But stay tuned for more ;)

Released on 2022-07-05

Version 1.9Up to date
  • Now the ModUpdater will overwrite the version color in the launcher and display correctly whenever there is an update or not:

    • Green for up to date
    • Red for update available
    • Blue for unofficial fix available
    • Orange/Yellow for unknown packages
  • Changed the behaviour of the arrow download button

    • Green: Update available
    • No arrow: unknown or up to date

To do for 2.0 (final I guess):

  • SemVer

Released on 2022-07-04

Version 1.8.1Up to date
  • Fixed a bug with Auto Updates: The null reference exception thing

Released on 2022-07-04

Version 1.8Up to date
  • Added an arrow button in the mod manager ui ingame, so you can directly update individual mods from there
  • Added a banner and updated the icon

To-do: Update 1.9:

  • Add new version checking
  • Fix bugs

And as usual if you encounter any bugs or issue ping me in the support channels ;)

Released on 2022-07-03

Version 1.7Up to date
  • Fixed a bug where unofficial fixes got downloaded again at every start. This may require you to get rid of the old unofficial fixes after the update. If the version of the updated unofficial fix contains [UNOFFICIAL] you know you got the right version ;)

And as usual if you encounter any bugs/issues whatever ping me in the channels!

Released on 2022-07-02

Version 1.6Up to date
  • Got rid of the notification spam
  • You can update all mods through a button in Extra Settings in the mods tab
  • Fixed an issue where the updater did not update automatically on startup even when it was enabled in Extra Settings
  • Fixed the loading freeze

Released on 2022-07-02

Version 1.5Up to date
  • Added support for Extra Settings API.
  • Auto update on startup can be toggled with Extra Settings API. It will be off by default.
  • You can update all mods using a button in Extra Settings API


Make sure Extra Settings API is set as permanent. Otherwise it won't be recognized properly… You can choose to not use Extra Settings API. Auto Updates will be turned off in that case…

Released on 2022-07-01

Version 1.4Up to date
  • Fixed a bug where the modupdater downloaded a 404 html page when the Update Url does not exist.

To the modders:


If the update url does not exist the update won't be downloaded. You'll have to download it manually.

Mods that had a wrong Update url and have to be updated manually:

  • Raft is not shark food by 3Stadt

Released on 2022-07-01

Version 1.3Up to date
  • Added support for downloading unofficial fixes. Though updating these unofficial fixes will just redownload them…

If any of the unofficial mods gets officially released or theres a new unofficial fix ping me in any of the channels so I can update the file containing the unofficial fixes as quickly as possible. I won't be online 24/7 so please be patient if this takes several hours…


  • Auto update
  • Ui integration?

Released on 2022-06-30

Version 1.2Up to date
  • Reworked the whole code
  • Batch Update using UpdateAllMods
  • Fixed Bugs

Released on 2022-06-30

Version 1.1Up to date
  • Fixed a bug where versions contained the v letter and it downloaded the same version again…


  • Consider unofficial fixes
  • Batch updating
  • Auto updating
  • Ui integration?

Released on 2022-06-30

Version 1.0Up to date

This is the first version.

Released on 2022-06-29