Building Utilities (formally Stackable Placeables)

Allows you to build in ways not before possible


banner for the Building Utilities (formally Stackable Placeables) mod


  • toggleForceAccept - Toggles the "Force Accept" override. (default: disabled)
  • toggleOverrideRaycast - Toggles the "Override Raycast" override. (default: disabled)
  • setBuildRotations {x rotation} {z rotation} - Sets extra rotations to be applied to object being placed. Recommended to use multiples of 90. (default: 0 0)


  • {Rotate Keybind} + [Up] = increase build Z rotation by 90 degrees

  • {Rotate Keybind} + [Down] = decrease build Z rotation by 90 degrees

  • {Rotate Keybind} + [Left] = increase build X rotation by 90 degrees

  • {Rotate Keybind} + [Right] = decrease build X rotation by 90 degrees

  • {Sprint Keybind} + [Up] = Enable the "Force Accept" override

  • {Sprint Keybind} + [Down] = Disable the "Force Accept" override

  • {Sprint Keybind} + [Left] = Enable the "Override Raycast" override

  • {Sprint Keybind} + [Right] = Disable the "Override Raycast" override

  • {Rotate Keybind} + [Alt] = Reset build rotation

  • {Sprint Keybind} + [Alt] = Reset overrides

  • [Alt] = While held enables the "Permission Ignore" override.

  • [Alt] + {Sprint Keybind} = While held enables the "Permission Ignore" override + ignore lack of support.


  • Force Accept: Allows any object to "connect" to any snap point. This means pillars can be placed in places other than corners, anchors can be placed on upper levels, etc.

  • Override Raycast: Causes the game to use a different placement point finding method that allows objects to be placed on objects that would normally not allow it. This means you can place chests on top of other chests, place the steering wheel off-center, etc. The Override Raycast is not recommended to be used while using the Building Hammer, but will still work to some extent.

  • Permission Ignore: Will make the game ignore build collisions and checking if the object is underwater. This means that objects can be placed almost anywhere that you can get the building ghost to appear.

Mod inspired by Mod Idea by User Toy

Description last changed on 2021-02-17