Building Utilities

Allows you to build in ways not before possible


Version 2.6.0LatestUp to date
  • Made surface override configurable through the settings API
  • Added option to make pipes ignore solid objects (can be turned on with a command or the settings API)
  • Allowed the ignore build collisions keybind to allow ziplines to connect through walls

Released on 2022-07-05

Version 2.5.3Up to date
  • Redid the equations for the keybind HUD's display. Should now show the full message appropriately

Released on 2022-07-01

Version 1.5.2Up to date
  • Corrected the version number

Released on 2022-06-22

Version 1.5.1Up to date
  • Updated for Update 1.0

Released on 2022-06-22

Version 2.5.0Untested
  • Added command setSurfaceType to allow forcing placement prefabs
  • Added command forceYBuildRotation to allow locking Y build rotation to a certain angle
  • Added a simple system for allowing connected users to use the overrides (this will only work if the host has the mod installed)

Released on 2022-01-17

Version 2.4.5Untested
  • Fixed minor error

Released on 2021-06-21

Version 2.4.4Untested
  • Fixed for Renovation Update

Released on 2021-06-21

Version 2.4.3Untested
  • Fixed error spam that sometimes occurred when placing something with an override active

Released on 2021-05-13

Version 2.4.2Untested
  • Added keybind for toggling keybind menu

Released on 2021-03-18

Version 2.4.0Untested
  • Added minor implementation of the Extra Settings API. Only includes turning on/off Support Override
  • Added a pop up menu on the side of the screen that lists keybinds and some simple information related to the mod's functions

Released on 2021-03-17

Version 2.1.0Untested
  • Added option to override some block's support conditions

Released on 2021-03-05

Version 2.0.2Untested
  • Reintroduced the ignore lack of support aspect to the "Ignore Permissions" override as a separate keybind

Released on 2021-02-11

Version 2.0.1Untested
  • Changed "Ignore Permissions" to not ignore lack of support as this can cause issues with objects breaking randomly

Released on 2021-02-11

Version 2.0.0Untested
  • Added a new override
  • Added several keybinds
  • Added extra rotation options

(See further details on mod page)

Released on 2021-02-11

Version 1.0.0Untested

This is the first version.

Released on 2021-01-28