Statistic Mod

Adds extra information to the HUD and other UIs


banner for the Statistic Mod mod

This mod is kinda focused on making the gameplay a bit more videogame like

This mod requires the ModUtils Mod to work correctly in multiplayer


  • Mob healthbars (with numbers)
  • Number overlays to player's stat bars
  • Number display for number of uses remaining on items
  • Damage indication particles
  • Weapon damage numbers to tooltips
  • Food and water yield numbers to tooltips
  • Time indicator on HUD
  • Current weather indicator on HUD
  • Time remaining for current weather on HUD
  • Current movement speed of the player on HUD
  • Multiple types of alerts on HUD based on the shark attacking
  • Crop growth percentage on mouse over
  • Battery charge percentage on mouse over
  • Next story location listed on HUD
  • Timer for when will shark respawn on HUD
  • Foundation counter on HUD (includes number of engines required)
  • Compass on HUD (red arrow points north)
  • Raft center indicator on HUD
  • Equipment durability displays on HUD
  • Item ID number and name displays

Configurable Stuff:

  • How far away health bars can be seen from (default: 10)
  • Toggling health bars for specific mob types (default: all enabled)
  • Toggling health bars for mobs on full health (default: enabled)
  • Number overlays for the player's stats can be set to "hidden", "whole numbers" or "with decimals" (default: with decimals)
  • Toggling remaining uses display (default: enabled)
  • Time indicator can be set to a progression bar timer showing when sunrise and sunset are, a digital clock showing in-game hours, fully hidden, or on "automatic" where it will display the bar timer unless there is a clock built on the raft, in which it'll show the digital clock (default: progression bar)
  • Toggling weather indicator (default: enabled)
  • Toggling weather time indicator (default: disabled)
  • Toggling speed indicator (default: enabled)
  • Toggling next location indicator (default: enabled)
  • Toggling shark respawn timer (default: enabled)
  • Moving the HUD position on screen (default: 50, 50)
  • Toggling foundation counter (default: enabled)
  • Toggling compass (default: enabled)
  • Toggling raft center (default: disabled)
  • Customizing the color of the raft center (default: green)
  • Toggling equipment displays (default: enabled)
  • Toggling item id values (default: disabled)
  • Toggling each of the shark alert types (default: attacking=enabled,charging=enabled,searching=disabled)
  • Toggling the shark alert to always stay within the screen area instead of being able to go behind you
  • Customizing the color of each of the shark alert types (default: attacking=red,charging=yellow,searching=green)


  • setClock {none|bar|clock|auto} - Sets the mode of the HUD clock:
  1. "none" disables the clock completely
  2. "bar" sets the clock to a day progression bar
  3. "clock" sets the clock to a digital clock
  4. "auto" sets the clock to automatically change the clock between "bar" and "clock" depending on whether the raft has a clock
  • setStatNumbers {none|round|decimal} - Changes the display type of the stat numbers
  1. "none" disables the number displays
  2. "round" displays as whole numbers
  3. "decimal" displays numbers rounded to 1 decimal place
  • showHealth {animal} - Re-enables health bars for all of {animal} (i.e. "seagull", "shark", "stonebird")
  • hideHealth {animal} - Disables health bars for all of {animal}
  • show {gui aspect} - Unhides a certain piece of the additional GUI, specified by {gui aspect}
  • hide {gui aspect} - Hides a certain piece of the additional GUI, specified by {gui aspect}
  • guiAspects - lists all GUI elements than can be hidden/shown with the show and hide commands
  • healthDrawDistance {distance} - sets the distance that the health bars can be seen from to {distance} (additionally you can use "Infinity" to remove distance limit or 0 to disable all health bars)
  • setHUDPosition {x} {y} - sets the location of the HUD as an offset from the top-left corner of the screen
  • setHUDToMouse - sets the location of the HUD to the current mouse position
  • sharkAttackColor {0-1530} - sets the color of the shark attacking alert
  • sharkChargeColor {0-1530} - sets the color of the shark charging alert
  • sharkSearchColor {0-1530} - sets the color of the shark searching alert
  • raftCenterColor {0-1530} - sets the color of the raft center indicator
    • Color values are: 0 to 510 = red to green, 510 to 1020 = green to blue, 1020 to 1530 = blue to red

This mod makes NO changes to how the game normally behaves. This mod only makes more information visible.

All configurable stuff except toggling individual creature's health bars can also be configured in the settings if you have the Extra Settings API mod installed


This mod does not require all players to have it installed, however the extra information displayed by the mod will only be visible to the users with it and the Mod Utils mod installed. However players without the mod installed will often have the incorrect value on the floating health bar

Loading the mod

This mod should be loadable and unloadable at anytime.

Primary Idea Credit: User TyrantBadjoe

Description last changed on 2024-03-07