Statistic Mod

Adds extra information to the HUD and other UIs


Version 2.0.4LatestUp to date
  • Fixed some issues with the shark alerts for non-host players

Released on 2023-08-01

Version 2.0.3Up to date
  • Added an option for the shark alert to appear at the edge of the screen when the shark is behind you

Released on 2023-07-30

Version 2.0.2Up to date
  • Fixed an error that can occur while joining a multiplayer
  • Fixed certain UI aspects not being disabled on world load if disabled beforehand

Released on 2023-07-05

Version 2.0.0Up to date
  • Huge recode in the back end that should make the mod's features more reliable. This will only have minor visual changes but should reduce the FPS loss a bit (it was pretty low in the first place)
  • Improved compass appearance
  • Added more types of shark alerts. Before it only showed attacking, now also shows charging and searching
  • Changed shark alerts to support multiple sharks
  • Added customization to the shark alerts. Customization is seperate for each type of alert
    • Can be toggled
    • Can change text color of alerts
  • Can now change color of the raft center indicator

Released on 2023-06-30

Version 1.6.6Up to date
  • Fixed the command causing issues with the held command

Released on 2022-10-15

Version 1.6.5Up to date
  • A lot of general code clean up
  • Made the health bars show better
  • Put in some extra checks so we should get a good few less errors

Released on 2022-07-09

Version 1.6.3Up to date
  • Added the new story locations to the "Next Story Location" indicator
  • Changed over to using the Extra Settings API for setting persistence. This should fix issues for some users having the HUD changing position randomly

Released on 2022-06-28

Version 1.6.2Up to date
  • Fixed the serialization error
  • Changed over to the using ModUtils (the mod utils mod is now required for multiplayer use)

Released on 2022-06-22

Version 1.6.1Up to date
  • Tried again to fix the shark alert not going away

Released on 2022-01-07

Version 1.6.0Untested
  • Added a "time remaining" option for weather to the HUD
  • Added option to disable the player's stat number display
  • Added a "current speed" option to the HUD
  • Added the "thirst bonus" values to the stat displays for food items
  • Cooking table recipes now display the stats for the item they make
  • Fixed adjusting the health bar draw distance using the settings API

Released on 2021-07-07

Version 1.5.12Untested
  • Fixed for Renovation Update

Released on 2021-06-21

Version 1.5.11Untested
  • Fixed the raft center indicator sometimes not appearing
  • Fixed shark attack and raft center indicators also appearing in the opposite direction

Released on 2021-05-26

Version 1.5.9Untested
  • Fixed issue with compass not loading correctly
  • Fixed issue with the raft center indicator not appearing at all
  • Fixed significant issue of unknown cause that caused the mod to be non-functional

Released on 2021-05-22

Version 1.5.7Untested
  • Wrong file was uploaded for 1.5.6

Released on 2021-05-16

Version 1.5.6Untested
  • Fixed toggling compass and raft center

Released on 2021-05-15

Version 1.5.5Untested
  • Added simple compass to HUD
  • Added raft center display

Released on 2021-05-15

Version 1.5.1Untested
  • Fixed in-world loading and unloading of the mod
  • Fixed occasional bug that caused the shark attack alert to stay on screen after attack stopped

Released on 2021-04-26

Version 1.5.0Untested
  • Implemented Extra Settings API (not required)
  • Added most settings to the API

Released on 2021-03-13

Version 1.4.10Untested
  • Added optional item id displays to items (default: disabled)
  • Fixed error with multiplayer

For troubleshooting purposes:

  • Improved error output in primary update loop

Released on 2021-03-01

Version 1.4.8Untested
  • Fixed issue with loading a second world in the same game session

Released on 2021-02-17

Version 1.4.7Untested
  • Fixed 2 GUI elements with that had their hide and show options reversed
  • Added remaining percentage display when looking at placed battery

Released on 2021-02-16

Version 1.4.3Untested
  • Fixed configuration option for disabling equipment displays

Released on 2021-02-15

Version 1.4.2Untested
  • Added foundation count display to HUD
  • Added equipment durability display to the HUD

Released on 2021-02-15

Version 1.3.0Untested
  • Fix for issue with other player's health bars not showing correct health Note: fix only affects players who also have this mod installed. Players without this mod will still show malfunctional health bars
  • Added option to set HUD stat bar numbers to only show whole numbers

Released on 2021-02-08

Version 1.1.8Untested
  • Added another configurable option. The user is now able to move where on the screen the HUD appears

Released on 2021-02-05

Version 1.1.6Untested
  • Should have finally fixed the issues with durability meter flickering

Released on 2021-02-04

Version 1.1.5Untested
  • Fixed issues with GUI display when changing aspect ratio

Released on 2021-02-02

Version 1.1.1Untested

• Fixed a console error spam that occurs while returning to main menu • Fixed issue with damage indicators breaking when certain objects despawn

Released on 2021-01-30

Version 1.1.0Untested
  • Fixed issue with not using max resolution
  • Fixed multiple issues with item uses left display

Released on 2021-01-30

Version 1.0.1Untested
  • Fixed growth % display for trees
  • Fixed growth % staying on screen while not looking at plants

Released on 2021-01-29

Version 1.0.0Untested

This is the first version.

Released on 2021-01-28