Wired Batteries

Adds a new wiring system for electrical machines on the raft


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This mod adds 3 new items:

  • Cable Battery - A battery shaped connector. Good for connecting a battery powered machine to an electrical network.
  • Battery Station - A stand with several battery slots. Use this to connect batteries to an electrical network.
  • Cable Connector - A simple connection point for electrical cables.

All of these are used for creating electrical networks to power your battery powered machines through a single system. The simplest explanation for the electrical networks is that they're designed to be the electrical equivalent of the game's pipe systems


All these item's recipes must be learned in the Research Table and will appear in the "Other" tab of the crafting list. The recipes are as follows:

  • Cable Battery
    • 1 Dry Brick
    • 1 Copper Ingot
    • 2 Circuit Boards
  • Battery Station
    • 2 Dry Bricks
    • 6 Planks
    • 4 Copper Ingots
    • 4 Vine Goo
    • 16 Circuit Boards
    • 10 Bolts
  • Cable Connector
    • 2 Planks
    • 1 Copper Ingot


The various new items can be connected together by pressing the Interact key (default: E) on the object's hook to start dragging a cable and pressing it again while looking at another object's hook to finish the connection.

The Cables are generally blocked by solid objects however can be passed through a wall if the cable hooks are close enough together.

Cable Batteries can only be placed in battery slots (They cannot be placed in Battery Station's slots). Battery Stations can only be placed on the floor. Cable Connectors can be placed on floors, walls and ceilings.

Loading the mod

This mod can be loaded or unloaded anytime other than while in a multiplayer game.

Note: unloading the mod while in a world will remove all cable batteries from battery slots and destroy any cable connectors and battery stations placed.


This mod is designed to be fully multiplayer compatible and requires all players to have it installed


Big thanks to all the users who tested the multiplayer functionality of the mod. Michiyo in particular with a lot of back and forth with sharing log files

Description last changed on 2024-03-07