Wired Batteries

Adds a new wiring system for electrical machines on the raft


Version 1.0.5LatestUp to date
  • Fixed the item names not changing in other languages

Released on 2023-01-09

Version 1.0.4Up to date
  • Added some more checks to reduce the chance of an error during world

Released on 2022-12-01

Version 1.0.3Up to date
  • Improved save handling to reduce save data conflicts

Released on 2022-09-04

Version 1.0.2Up to date
  • Fixed issues with placing new connectors while in multiplayer

Released on 2022-07-09

Version 1.0.1Up to date
  • Fixed cables disappearing after world reload
  • Fixed certain objects detecting an incorrect amount of power remaining
  • Changed the batteries to update their lights whenever a change occurs to the network

Released on 2022-07-06

Version 1.0.0Up to date

This is the first version.

Released on 2022-07-06