Battery Slot Fixer

Can be used to fix some old mod machines to use newer batteries


banner for the Battery Slot Fixer mod

This mod is designed to allow you to fix some of the old mod machines to use the new battery slot systems. Configuration for the mod is done through 2 config files that are created in the ModData folder when the mod is loaded. The files that are created are named "itemIndecies.txt" and "itemNames.txt". To add an item to the config you need to know either its "Unique Index" or "Unique Name" and put it in the respective config file on its own line.

Default configuration for the mod has the indecies: 999, 1181 and 7725 which are the Solar Panel (from Solar Panel), Garbage Sucker (from GarbageSucker) and Electric Engine (from Electricity Mod)

If you update the config while the mod is loaded you can run the command reloadBatteryFixConfig to reload the config and apply the changes to any items you've added to the configs. If you want to remove the changes to a block edited by the mod then you'll need to remove the item's index/name from the configs and restart the game. Unloading the mod will NOT instantly undo the changes, only a game restart will remove the changes made by the mod.


This mod should work fine in multiplayer regardless of who does or does not have the mod installed but is recommended for all players to have it installed as there may be some issues if not used by all players and combined with mods that add new battery types.

Loading the mod

This is is fine to load and unload at any time but is recommended to load on the main menu as blocks placed/loaded before it's loaded may not be affected by it until replacing them or reloading the world

Description last changed on 2024-03-07