Benevolent Sprites

Adds some helpful little friends


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IMPORTANT: You need the ModUtils mod for multiplayer

Sprite Names/Descriptions

This mod adds 5 types of sprite and a sprite repelling lamp. A Garden Sprite, Animal Sprite, Cleaner Sprite, 2 variants of Fire Sprite and Mechanic Sprite.

A garden sprite will collect plants from crop plots and replant the crop it collected (if it has a seed for the crop)

An animal sprite will collect from bird nests, beehives and the resources produced by domestic animals on the raft.

A cleaner sprite will collect items from item/fishing nets and attack seagulls that are attacking crops. They will prioritize attacking seagulls over clearing nets

One type of fire sprite will use grills and smelters (and paint mills for some reason) and the other will use cooking pots, however it will only make recipes placed near the pot.

A mechanic sprite will deposit fuel and items into engines and tanks as well as operating extractors and a variety of machines like the biofuel refiner

How to get sprites

All sprite types can only be obtained through fishing with a metal fishing rod.

The chance of getting one is lowish, they are rarer than any of the fish types but more common than any of the other treasure types.

How to use sprites

Just place the sprite inside a chest and it will start doing it's own thing.

Any items collected by a sprite it will put into its chest.

The radius that it will collect items from is dependent on the size of the chest (a bigger chest has a larger collection radius). The range can be configured using the Extra Settings API but by default its radius is the number of slots in the chest divided by 2 as meters (a chest with 10 slots would have a 5 meter radius). A block is about 1.5 meters

You can put as many sprites as you want into any chest, however if a chest is full or a player is using a chest they will simply wait by the chest until they can put the item they're holding into the chest.

Taking a sprite out of the chest will make the sprite drop any items it was carrying at the sprite's current location.

Placing a sprite repellent will make sprites ignore objects within a small radius of it. If a sprite repellent is placed next to a chest then the sprites inside will ignore everything and just stay near the chest. The range of the repellent can be configured using the Extra Settings API but is 1.5 meters by default

Using the Extra Settings API you can set some of the sprites to "exclusive collection" which will make them only collect items if their chest already contains similar items. The specifics of how it decides this are:

  • For Garden Sprite harvesting plants: if the chest has any of the plant's drops (excluding wood and thatch)
  • For Animal Sprite collecting animal resources: if the chest has an item the animal drops
  • For Animal Sprite collecting eggs or feathers from bird nests: if the nest and the chest has eggs or the nest and the chest has feathers
  • For Animal Sprite collecting honey from beehives: if the chest has honey
  • For Fire Sprite collecting "cooked" items from grills, smelters & paint mills: if the chest has the "raw" or "cooked" version of the item
  • For Fire Sprite collecting meals from pots: if the chest contains the result or ANY of the ingredients for the recipe used
  • For Cleaner Sprite collecting from item nets: if the chest contains an item net
  • For Cleaner Sprite collecting from fishing nets: if the chest contains a fishing net
  • For Cleaner Sprite collecting from dredgers: if the chest contains a dredger
  • For Cleaner Sprite killing seagulls: if the chest contains a feather

Extra Details

  • This mod is fully multiplayer compatible.
  • This mod is designed to work with any mods that add new crops, domestic animals, storages and other objects.
  • On a slow computer the sprites may have trouble collecting and depositing items.
  • For a sprite to collect an item that needs to be collected in a something like a bucket or bowl, you need to provide it with the item in its chest.
  • If you have the Extra Settings API you can also disable the sound of sprites putting items in their chest
  • The fish nets from Arashi's Fishing Expansion can be used by the cleaner sprites
  • The dredgers from Dredgers can be used by the cleaner sprites
  • (In case of issues) You can clear sprite data using the clearSpriteData command
  • If you're using the Craft From All Storage mod or are having other FPS issues from the sprites I recommend installing the Inventory Caching mod
  • Also if you have the Extra Settings API installed you can enable the sprites leaving one item in their box. This option has 2 modes: Specific mode where the sprites will leave one of items that it factors into exclusive modes and All mode where it'll leave at least one of any item that it uses.
  • There are a few lighting options available depending on your computer's GPU. These are "Disabled", "No Shadows" (default) and "Shadows".


This mod should be fully multiplayer compatible, however it requires all players to have this mod and the Mod Utils mod installed

Loading the mod

This mod can only be loaded on the main menu and cannot be unloaded without a game restart

Description last changed on 2024-03-07