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Benevolent Sprites

Adds some helpful little friends


Version 1.6.12LatestUp to date
  • Once again attempting to fix the item names

Released on 2022-08-01

Version 1.6.11Up to date
  • Fixed a minor potential error with picking up blocks
  • Fixed the item names not falling back to english

Released on 2022-07-31

Version 1.6.10Up to date
  • Fixed the localization on the sprites not being reloaded

Released on 2022-07-29

Version 1.6.9Up to date
  • Fixed animal sprites collecting 0 eggs from nests
  • Added support for hotloading the mod. The mod should now be able to load and unload any time on the main menu.
  • Changed item names to use the localization system. This should make the repellent's name appear in the crafting menu

Released on 2022-07-28

Version 1.6.7Up to date
  • Fixed fire sprites (cooking tables) not obeying the leave one item setting correctly

Released on 2022-07-27

Version 1.6.6Up to date
  • Fixed the cooking table Fire Sprite using a little too much magic to remove bowls and cups from their chest
  • Fixed the cooking table Fire Sprite not correctly following leave item rules

Released on 2022-07-10

Version 1.6.5Up to date
  • Fixed the sprites not collecting enough loot from plants

Released on 2022-07-05

Version 1.6.4Up to date
  • Fixed errors from picking up sprite's chest
  • Fixed animal sprite's nest exclusive collection

Released on 2022-07-01

Version 1.6.3Up to date
  • Added better log messages for network messages
  • Improved the sprites item change detection (should stop issues with all the sprites dying to clients when someone closes their chest)
  • Added an option for sprites to leave 1 item in their storage box (handy for use with their exclusive collection mode's and mods like Easy Deposit)
  • Added individual multiplier settings for each sprite type's range
  • Added a command for viewing some debug data for sprites
  • Fixed using sprite repellent with the Garden Sprites
  • Fixed an error with the mechanic sprite depositing certain items

Released on 2022-06-30

Version 1.6.0Up to date
  • Should have fixed the issues with sprite's cache not being cleared
  • Added option to configure sprite's range
  • Added option to configure sprite repellent's range
  • Fixed some targeting issues with the mechanic sprite when using repellents
  • Fixed some issues with using the sort items button in a storage that sprite's are using

Released on 2022-06-29

Version 1.5.14Up to date
  • Changed the mechanic sprite to not take items out of a tank that is connected to an output pipe

Released on 2022-06-28

Version 1.5.13Up to date
  • Removed the excess log messages left on the Mechanical Sprite

Released on 2022-06-27

Version 1.5.12Up to date
  • Fixed an issue with animal sprites collecting the incorrect number of feathers from nests

Released on 2022-06-27

Version 1.5.11Up to date
  • Fixed an issue with sprites taking the incorrect number of items from their chest

Released on 2022-06-27

Version 1.5.10Up to date
  • Fixed the sprites not correctly putting items in their chest when the Sprite Sounds option is disabled

Released on 2022-06-25

Version 1.5.9Up to date
  • Fixed certain items not being placeable in the furnace

Released on 2022-06-22

Version 1.5.8Up to date
  • Fixed a large variety of issues related to the new update
  • This now requires the ModUtils for multiplayer and for the Fishing Expansion

Released on 2022-06-22

Version 1.5.6Up to date
  • Fixed the errors during world load

Released on 2022-06-20

Version 1.5.5Up to date
  • Updated for Update 1.0

Released on 2022-06-20

Version 1.5.4Untested
  • Fixed an minor bug with mechanic sprite's interactions

Released on 2021-12-20

Version 1.5.3Untested
  • Disabled "dev" mode (forgot to disable it before the last upload)

Released on 2021-12-05

Version 1.5.2Untested
  • Fixed more issues with the mechanic sprites trying to interact with badly formatted objects
  • Changed logging for the tank issues so each error will only appear once instead of spamming

Released on 2021-12-05

Version 1.5.1Untested
  • Changed the tank detection code so objects with badly formed tanks (like solar panels) won't break

Released on 2021-12-02

Version 1.5.0Untested
  • Added Mechanic Sprite
  • Added exclusive collection mode for cleaner sprites
  • Improved the efficiency of the target finding code (including suggestions from MrDrunkinDragon)
  • Added option to disable item deposit sounds from the sprites

Released on 2021-12-01

Version 1.4.4Untested

Released on 2021-08-01

Version 1.4.2Untested
  • Fixed issue with fire sprites not interacting with some objects under certain conditions

Released on 2021-08-01

Version 1.4.1Untested
  • Fixed a bug with the animal sprite fix in the last update

Released on 2021-07-31

Version 1.4.0Untested
  • Added exclusive collection options for most sprites (requires Extra Settings API)
  • Fixed Animal Sprites collecting from animals on islands

Released on 2021-07-29

Version 1.3.17Untested
  • Fixed more data related errors

Released on 2021-07-16

Version 1.3.16Untested
  • Fixed various multiplayer issues
  • Fixed errors when putting a new sprite into a box

Released on 2021-07-15

Version 1.3.13Untested
  • Changed sprite state memory system to avoid future mod conflicts
  • Fixed sprites not restoring their state on world load

Released on 2021-07-15

Version 1.3.12Untested
  • Fixed mod load error caused by last update

Released on 2021-07-14

Version 1.3.11Untested
  • Fixed sprites sometimes appearing twice on world load

Released on 2021-07-14

Version 1.3.10Untested
  • Attempted to fix issues related to sprites throwing errors on world load
  • Slight improvement to sprite physics
  • Added a command to clear sprite cache (for anyone still having issues with sprites throwing errors on world load)

Released on 2021-07-14

Version 1.3.6Untested
  • Fixed some sprites being unaffected by the lamps next to their chest

Released on 2021-07-08

Version 1.3.5Untested
  • Fixed more errors with the Fire Sprite
  • You can now make sprites in a chest dormant by placing a sprite repellent next to the chest

Released on 2021-07-07

Version 1.3.3Untested
  • Fixed lag spikes
  • Fixed a few bugs with the Fire Sprite
  • Fixed getting infinite blueprints from the clean sprite
  • Changed the sprite repellent's blueprint to not appear until a spite is found

Released on 2021-07-06

Version 1.3.1Untested
  • Fixed error with the animal sprite

Released on 2021-07-05

Version 1.3.0Untested
  • Added 3 new types of sprite: 2 variants of Fire Sprite and a Cleaner Sprite
  • Added a sprite repelling lamp
  • Changed sprite item's texture

Released on 2021-07-05

Version 1.1.10Untested
  • Fixed sprites making the host spit out a bunch of items

Released on 2021-06-27

Version 1.1.9Untested
  • Fixed animal sprites killing animals
  • Fixed sprites not going back to floating above their chest

Released on 2021-06-27

Version 1.1.7Untested
  • Fixed error spam when a sprite is dying
  • Fixed client lag when a sprite is idling

Released on 2021-06-25

Version 1.1.5Untested
  • Fixed for Renovation Update

Released on 2021-06-21

Version 1.1.4Untested
  • Fixed sprites not removing honey from beehives

Released on 2021-06-17

Version 1.1.3Untested
  • Fixed a couple of errors

Released on 2021-06-17

Version 1.1.2Untested
  • Fixed sound error when sprites try to put away items

Released on 2021-06-16

Version 1.1.1Untested
  • Fixed sprites not collecting feathers

Released on 2021-06-16

Version 1.1.0Untested
  • Animal sprites will now collect feathers and eggs from bird nests
  • Animal sprites will now collect honey from beehives
  • Fixed sound spam from sprites trying to put items into full storages
  • All players now hear sprites putting items into storages (instead of only the host)

Released on 2021-06-12

Version 1.0.0Untested

This is the first version.

Released on 2021-06-11