Show some extra things in the UI (storage labels, tank capacity, etc... More to come in the future)


banner for the UI+ mod


Optional: If you have the Extra Settings API mod installed, you will be able to customize the mod settings.

Storage Labels

Label yours storage however you want! press F1 to open the menu (you can change it in the settings tab if you have Extra Settings API installed).

Tank Capacity

Shows current and maximum capacity of "tanks", works with recycler, refiners, honey, water and fuel tanks. Style customizable in the mod settings.

Cropplot Plant List

Shows list of the plants in the cropplot.


Should be compatible with all mods, including mods that add more storages, engines, tanks, etc… If any mods cause problems, contact me in the RaftModding discord server (KingBR#3793)

Tested with:


Others players wont be able to see the storage labels you created, but i'm working on it

Known bugs

  • Trees in cropplots are listed named as "item", I'm trying to find a better way to get the plant name

Description last changed on 2024-03-06